Cloud Solutions for SME

Compudynamics South Africa offers Total Cloud Solutions for SME. You can run your business totally on the cloud from Domain Hosting, Hosted Servers to run your business applications, Hosted mails (Office365, hosted Exchange), Cloud Backups and Cloud PBX. Call us for more information/quotes on any cloud solutions 011 452 0022 / 082 454 0258 –     Email : ,

Cloud Solution for SME

Total Cloud Solutions for SME allows businesses to run from anywhere, allowing the flexibility to move without infrastructure move costs and at the same allowing business owners to be available and have access to infrastructure from anywhere.

Domain Hosting


Cloud Solutions for SME - Web Hosting

Register your business domain, and make your business accessible via the World Wide Web. We also have Web Design
packages to suit your budget.

Our domain hosting packages also include mail packages such as

Cloud Mail Services

Mail Options depending on business need from POP/IMAP accounts, Hosted Exchange for more advanced users and also Office 365 options.
which offers you MS Office desktop application including 1TB Onedrive and Hosted Exchange.

What is hosted exchange and benefits of enterprise solution for SME’s.
Cloud solutions for SME - Hosted Exchange

Compudynamics Hosted Exchange gives any business Enterprise like mail services at affordable costs with no major initial costs.


Cloud Backup Services

Your most important business asset is… data! Our cloud backup Solution is an easy-to-manage, complete and safe hybrid backup and recovery solution to solve your data protection problems.

Cloud Solutions for SME - Cloud Backups

RecoveryVault Express is a managed Cloud Backup solution that is aimed at Small and Medium Businesses who need to back up their data, databases and documents from their desktops, laptops and (database) servers to the cloud.

RecoveryVault Express backs up file servers (e.g. Linux, MS Windows SBS or MS Windows Server) as is also capable of performing hot backups of databases. In addition, most small offices use network attached storage (NAS) systems. This is a convenient solution for the availability of the data in the company, but not really safe. RecoveryVault Express makes backups of these NAS servers and ensures that all data is protected against any kind of loss.

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Cloud PBX Services

Compudynamics South Africa are delighted to deliver to the SME market a Cloud PBX Solution and Call Centre (switchboard and call centre technology), that previously only accessible to those company’s with the big budgets.

Cloud Solutions for SME - Compudynamics Cloud PBX

This solution puts you firmly in the driving seat with vital Information always available at a ‘Glance’

  • Free hardware, pics of the phones we supply below (Cordless/Conference and Desk phones)
  • We use your existing network infrastructure, port your numbers
  • No more Telkom lines.
  • All your branches are linked via the cloud, different location staff are now just an extension. Take your extension anywhere where there is internet.
  • No charges for interbranch calls, all on net
  • We can setup auto attendants call queues etc
  • Advanced reporting on call stats and data
  • Up to 50% savings on your Telkom spend
  • Within 5 years most phone systems will be cloud based, we have a proven system used by 20 000 users every day

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Hosted Cloud Servers

Hyper-V Management Console – Allows for provisioning/management of new virtual machines. Customers can use their own System Centre license to manage their Hyper-V environment seamlessly.

Cloud Solutions for SME - Cloud Servers

Hosted Hyper-V with Azure services has not been available locally until now.

Using a local hosting partner does have some key benefits over hosting your data in a foreign country:

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For more information on any of the above Solutions contact 011 452 0022, 082 454 0258,

We Can assist moving your business to the cloud.

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