Hosted Cloud Servers

Hosted Cloud Servers at Compudynamics

Unmanaged Virtual Hosting lets you replace physical servers with instances.

Virtual servers reduce your overheads by removing the need for physical infrastructure in your office or data centre. Your computing needs are provisioned from the highly secure cloud, so you know that your data is always safe and secure

Managed Virtual Hosting means we take on the work of maintaining your servers

Managed Hosted Virtual Server services come with the peace of mind that we will take care of your infrastructure. This includes patching, testing, backing-up and system management for the base operating system of your servers, as well as anti-virus and malware scans. You can focus on what you’re good at: adding value to your business’ bottom line.

Managed Replicated Hosted servers offer extra security, speed and peace of mind

For even greater resilience, our Managed Replicated Hosted Virtual Server Services product maintains a entire second instance of your infrastructure, duplicated in our second data centre. This guarantees high availability at all times, including planned and unplanned outages, and can also be used for load balancing intensive applications.

Managed Virtual Server Services can be further enhanced with add-ons, including industry-leading backup and virtual disaster recovery. Our  team of experts can also assist with migration of existing servers into the virtual environment.

We can offer from basic cloud offering to most complex requirements.

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Pricing on Hosted Cloud Server W Series


PackageCPU vCoresMemorySSD StorageMonthly Price
WIN123 GB100 GBR 450
WIN246 GB200 GBR 650
WIN368 GB400 GBR 850
WIN4812 GB500 GBR 1 100
WIN5816 GB500 GBR 1 300
WIN61632 GB500 GBR 1 800
WIN71664 GB1000 GBR 2 999
WIN832128 GB1000 GBR 4 999
WIN 940256 GB2000 GBR 6999


Pricing on Hosted Cloud Server D Series


ProductDescriptionPer Month cost. Month to MonthPer Month cost. Yearly comitment
Hosted Hyper V - vCPUDv2 Series: Per CoreR 670R 445
Hosted Hyper V - RAMDv2 Series: Per GBR 138R 92
Hosted Hyper V - Locally Redundant StorageDv2 Series: Per 100GB or part thereofR 673R 450
Hosted Hyper V - Geo Redundant StorageDv2 Series: Per 100GB or part thereofR 1 380R 897
Hosted Hyper V - Virtual ServerDv2 Series: Per Virtual MachineR 460R 305
Hosted Hyper V - Managed CareDv2 Series: Per Managed Virtual MachineR 2 760R 1 840
Hosted Hyper V - VDR Bundle - 100GBVDR Protection: 100GB + 100GB Recovery Vault Enterprise Backup and Recovery CapacityR 3 540R 2 547
Hosted Hyper V - VDR Server ProtectionVDR Protection: per 1 ServerR 3 043R 2 174
Hosted Hyper V - Internet Facing Bandwidth - Per 10GB or part thereofHosted Hyper V - Internet Facing Bandwidth - Per 10GB or part thereofR 274R 193
Hosted Hyper V - Terraco Data Centre Interconnect - NR1GBPer 1GB (Non Redundant) PortR 4 720R 3 354


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