Retail Master is built on the .net framework and utilizes the strengths of a Microsoft SQL Server relational database. It was designed to be a modular system where new modules can be plugged into a framework. (Modular Framework) Other vendors or developers can write modules to plug straight into the Module Framework. With this in mind, you can customize your system by adding or removing modules. This makes it very cost effective for a small operation. Purchase the basic modules and add to it when you need to.

 Jadsoft Retail features :

  • Data Maintenance
  • Departments (Multi level) and Products
  • Tax Codes, Users, Sales Assistants
  • Employees, Stores Tills
  • Printers POS Menu
  • Store Setup
  • Stock Deliveries and Returns (Suppliers and Inter Branch)
  • Stock Takes and Stock Adjustments, Reason Codes
  • Barcode Printing
  • Powerful Reporting :Consolidated Reporting and detail reporting on all information (includes schedules for automated reporting and email)
  • Start of Day, Cash ups, X Readings, End of Day
  • Color, Size, Product Attributes such as season
  • Mark ups, Promotions, stock control,
  • Job Card Module
  • A4 Invoicing, quoting, Orders
  • Single and Multi Store environments




Proper invoicing is essential if you want to keep your business afloat in the competitive online arena. Many small businesses survive from one contract to the next, hence if they don’t get paid in a timely fashion it can have dire consequences to their survival. Our Invoicing system has a lot of features and benefits that can help improve your business invoicing.


  • Get paid on time – Without a proper invoicing system, how can you be sure that you will get paid on time each month? The likelihood is that you won’t and your cash flow will start to suffer. Ensure that you and your employees are paid on time with our app.
  • Saving money – Regardless of the physical location of your customer, you can send them an electronic invoice. Electronic invoicing saves time and money.
  • Improved branding – The more places you can put your business logo the better it is for your company. Our Invoicing app allows you upload your company logo on all of your invoices so that awareness of your brand increases.
  • Provide Quotes – Your business will be able to send out pricing quotations using the Invoicing app. When customers accept your quotation it is simple to transform a quote sent through the app into an actual invoice that can be paid.
  • Gain financial control – Achieve better control of your finances through management of your cash flow and payments in our Invoicing app and never lose track if or when your customers pay for the goods or services that you have provided.
  • Automatic Sales Tax Calculation – No need to work out how much tax needs to be added onto your invoices – this is done automatically for you when composing an invoice and adding your products or services. This will increase your accuracy and reduce the amount of time you spend working things out.

Point of Sale


JADSOFT Point of Sale was designed with the user in mind. Point of Sale Systems are used by people who are not necessarily retailers or computer literate. With this in mind, it was designed to be simple but yet powerful, with Retail Master, it is feature rich, but can be customized to suit your business.

  • Features include
    • Cash: Sales, Returns, Exchanges
    • Debtor Payments
    • Lay-Buys: Sales, Returns, Payments, Cancelation
    • Staff: Sales, Returns, Exchanges
    • Multiple Tenders per Transaction (Cash, Cheque, Cards, Vouchers, EFT..
    • Kitchen Orders Printing
    • Table Orders and printing
    • Transaction Save and Resume
    • Petty Cash Transactions
    • Real-time inventory tracking
    • Flexible Pricing
    • All transactions and features are set on a user level, making it easy to control cashier access.

Job Card System

Putting into operation a call center software system takes time and money. To fully understand your purchase decision, call center software solutions provide key improvements to basic call center operations. Call center software can benefit your call center process by simplifying customer service, enhancing employee and management efficiency, and providing reporting metrics for management.

  • Features
    • Job Logging and assigning
    • Job transferring
    • Job tracking and reporting
    • Job emailing to clients
  • Benefits
    • Improving Employee Efficiency – Many businesses are using call centre software to report on the agent’s proficiencies and weaknesses, allowing them to better allocate employee time. As a call centre manager, you can shorten call centre agents’ learning curves and expand your bottom line with smarter reporting tools.


  • Refining Customer Service – Since your call centre is often handling current and prospective customers, it is imperative that same be rewarded. Whether your call centre agents are handling inbound or outbound calling, providing customers with the right answers quicker, pooling customer information is important. This can create a competitive advantage for businesses in industries with traditionally poor customer service.
    • Reporting Metrics For Management – In order to manage a call centre, the manager must have information. Data such as call volume and traffic is fairly simplistic, but call centre software also offers the ability to populate information for strategic decision making. Depending on your call centre software, you are allowed the ability to categorize your outbound and inbound call centre agents by each individual’s expertise. Call centre management is just as important, and possibly more crucial than any other business segment, according to a Loudhouse Research study, “The need to integrate call centre data with online customer service is a primary focus for the next 12 months, with 54 percent of decision makers citing this as a key challenge for the year ahead.” Pulling each agent’s up-sell rate, customer satisfaction rate, and revenue per call are just some of data that can assist in strategic decision making.

Financial Integration

All commercial systems need an easy and dependable financial system. JADSOFT interfaces with some of the best and well known financial systems. This allows us to concentrate on our main focus of business and still provide you with a first class financial system. Our interface is designed to be very flexible that allows us to integrate with almost any system.


  • AccuracyJournal entries are created from source transactions that are accurate and free from user input errors
  • Up to DateJournal entries are automated and as a result your accounts are always up to date
  • Improved ProductivityAs financial entries are automated, productivity improves as financial staff is available to concentrate on financial issues and not data entry.
  • FlexibleThe interface can be customized to fit almost any business and user requirement
  • Interfaces
    • Cash Sales, Account Sales, Account Payments, Cost of Sales
    • Purchases, Bankable Tender Types, Non Bankable Tender Types
    • Petty cash In/Out, Stock Adjustments, Stock Transfers

Custom Development

JADSOFT ‘s products cater for 99% of our customer’s requirements, but for the discerning customer, JADSOFT  offers a custom development service to cater for your specific needs. This might be a custom web application or a desktop application designed for your unique needs.

We offer an extensive range of .NET software development solutions and services to support the requirements and time frames of your project. For more information, contact us now for a free consultation from our Development Department.