Compudynamics South Africa provies total IT Solutions to work from home or anywhere in the world. We at Compudynamics not only provide you the solution to keep your business running, but we also provide full support.

IT Solutions to work from Home

Hosted Cloud Servers

As part of IT solutions to work from home, we can offer cloud based solutions for your needs such as Property management, Point of Sale, Invoicing software, Accounting software or any customized software your require on a hosted server.

We can also provide you with your own server on the cloud where you can install your solftware and can be accessible from anywhere. You decide the specs of the server and number of users accessing the server.

Cloud File Sharing and Backup

IT Solutions to work from Home.

The big data business world requires you to handle many files on a regular basis, collaborate with your colleagues and manage digital assets.

Your organization’s storage needs increase every year, but you may not currently use a centralized system. You have five versions of the same file for your team documents, you saved your work on your laptop and forgot it at home, and you can’t figure out where your boss stored necessary template files. In short, your office lacks a cohesive data storage strategy, and you’re the one paying the productivity price for it.

The benefits of Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive makes it easy to work with your files and collaborate with coworkers.
You spend less time looking through workstation hard drives, network storage locations and your personal devices to find urgently needed files. Instead, your business uses a single cloud-based storage solution to streamline your workflow and introduce more collaboration opportunities.

Have Team meetings when needed

Microsoft Teams and remote working
One of the major benefits of Microsoft Teams is that it empowers effective teamwork regardless of where team members are based – whether the team
stretches across business location, or individually working from home, on-site with a customer, on the go in the taxi, or airport lounge.

The ability to enable employees to work remotely is essential for any business today.

At this time of the year, we’re used to having to deal with weather-related issues preventing people from getting into work. Snow hit hard in particular
two years ago. Rail strikes can have a major impact on the workforce’s ability to get to work, while traffic incidents and roadworks can affect on any day
of the week.

Today, of course, the workplace is facing potential major disruption due to the spread of Covid-19, the coronavirus.

Keeping working during self-isolation and even if the office closes
We’re receiving many enquiries about how businesses can best protect themselves if they have to close, or employees are required to self-isolate
for a period.

And with its effective work-anywhere advantages, Microsoft Office 365 and Teams is the software businesses are turning to.

With Cloud PBX you move with you

IT Solutions to work from home

With our Cloud PBX VoIP solution you can move with your office telephone extension seemlessly, with option to have the soft phone App on your mobile phone. Regardless on where you are, you always have acccess to your office numer with you.

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