Switch to CLOUD PBX and save up on your Telecom spend

Cloud PBX - Save up on Telephone costs




Cloud PBX saves on Telephone costs, we at Compudynamics in partnership offer a cloud PBX solution for Small, Medium and Large enterprises.

Below a list of some of the features available on the cloud PBX solution.

  • Analyse your data
    • The TMS not only helps control and track your system’s
      activity, it helps you analyse it too. Incoming and outgoing
      call trends and costs, agent performance, and detailed
      customer experience information is all at the tip of your
  • Free hardware,
  • We use your existing network infrastructure
  • No more fixed lines
  • All your branches are linked via the cloud, different location staff are now just an extension.
  • No charges for interbranch calls, all on Net
  • Know your account status anywhere, anytime
  • Within 5 years most phone systems will be cloud based, we have a proven system used by 20 000 users every day
  • Know your account status anywhere, anytime
  • Keep your number
    • With geographic landline number porting, you can keep your number no matter what service provider you use
  • Automate with ease
  • Personalise by choice, not necessity
    • “company name” is nearly infinitely customisable, with
      the TMS giving you complete control over your system’s
      functionality and personalisation. We’ve made sure it all
      works perfectly straight out the box, so you’ll never
      have to customise anything you don’t want to.
  • Monitor the health of your system
    • View the status and activity of every extension in your
      entire system in an instant. A quick glance at the
      extension monitor and you’ll know exactly who’s online,
      offline, on hold or away.
  • Optimise your queues
    • Keep an eye on call loads, waiting times and agent
      responses, and add or remove extensions at any time to keep
      things flowing smoothly.
  • Call Agent Management
    • Have the ability to them to busy queues, remove them from
      quiet ones, or pause for specified reasons like tea breaks.
      They’ll be able to check on the status of their queues at any
      time and make sure they’re active when and where they’re
  • Restrict dialling to prevent abuse
    • Prevent unauthorised phone calls by restricting the type of
      number each user or extension can dial. Block international,
      long distance or cell phone calls, or restrain certain
      extensions or internal numbers only.
  • Pin-activated dialing
    • Keep accurate records of exactly who’s calling who, no matter
      which extension they use. By entering a unique user pin code
      before dialling, every call is assigned to an individual, and
      accountability is unquestionable.
  • Record, store, manage and verify calls
    • Record calls from any extension, to be stored in the cloud as
      long as you need them. Recordings are backed up and their
      authenticity verified, keeping them 100% safe and admissible
      in court. You can also flag recordings for attention and tag
      them with written notes, making the, useful training and
      quality-control tools as well.
  • Create your own Digital Receptionist
    • Set up as many interactive voice response menus as you
      like. You can record your own messages, and choose your
      own handling. Our digital receptionist answers perfectly,
      every time.
  • Create hunt lists that span branches or even

    • Our hunt lists can scan your entire network, across branches
      and even cities, to find available agent to answer an incoming
      call. Both landlines and cell phones can be added to hunt lists,
      so you can take your office with you, wherever you go.
  • Tag incoming calls for hassle-free PBX sharing
    • By tagging incoming calls according to the number they
      dialled, you’ll always know who they’re calling for, even if you
      share your PBX with another office.
  • Streamline night and day call-handling
    • Activate night-time call handling manually as you leave the
      office, or set your system to swap between night and day
      automatically at specific hours. Each phone number you have
      can be set individually to be manually activated or time based.
  • Extend your voicemail functionality
    • Give your customers the choice to opt out of a queue at any
      point in favour of leaving a voicemail. Every extension has its
      own voicemail box, which can be personalised with a unique
      greeting. Voicemail can be checked telephonically, or
      delivered as a sound clip to your email inbox.
  • Personalise by choice, not necessity
    • You’ll never have to customise anything you don’t want to,
      but if you do like to put own stamp on things, we’ve given
      you all the tools you can dream of, and made them easy as
      pie to use.
  • Analyse – Our built-in TMS provides extra insight at no extra cost
  • See who your staff are calling
    • Outgoing call logs show exactly which extension dialled which
      number, at what time of day. The call recipients are listed by
      number, or name if they’re in your address book. You’ll be able to
      see not just the busiest extensions, but also the most frequently
      dialled numbers.
  • See who’s been calling you
    • Incoming call logs show the caller ID of the person who has
      phoned you, as well as which of your numbers they chose to dial.
      This not only shows your most popular point of contact, but can
      also highlight problem clients who might need extra attention.
  • Assess your call costs
    • Outgoing call costs can be viewed by extension, or group of
      extensions, so you’ll be able to tell exactly which users and
      departments are costing you the most. You can even export
      the data into your own spread-sheets, giving you the
      flexibility to use the information any way you like.
  • Predict peak activity periods
    • With detailed records of incoming call volumes every day of
      the week and hour of the day, you can effectively predict
      your busiest times, making sure you have all hands on deck
      for peak periods, and aren’t over-staffed when it’s quiet.
  • Know the status of your call queues
    • With Euphoria’s call queue analytics, you can see all the
      performance details of your queues, including wait times,
      response times, queue lengths and peak activity periods.
      Updated in real-time, this can be invaluable in terms of
      optimising operations and heading off problems before they
      reach critical points.
  • Assess the performance of your agents
    • The TMS provides detailed reports on the
      activity of each extension assigned to a queue, throughout
      the day. View the number of calls received versus the
      number of calls answered, as well as average call lengths
      and total call times. It’s a great tool for assessing
      productivity and encouraging a healthy work ethic.
  • See the exact experience each caller has
    • Route logs trace incoming calls as they run through your
      system, recording everything from the number the caller
      initially dialled, to their wait times, transfers, and
      conversation lengths. You can even see who put down the
      phone at the end of the call. There’s never been an easier
      way to pinpoint bottlenecks in your system, or frustrations
      your clients may face.
  • Analyse your data
    • The TMS not only helps control and track your system’s
      activity, it helps you analyse it too. Incoming and outgoing
      call trends and costs, agent performance, and detailed
      customer experience information is all at the tip of your

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We happy to discuss and show how the system can help you and your business.

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