iVend Retail is an enterprise class point of sale system trusted by thousands of retailers in 46 countries. It powers brick and mortar stores as a full service, point of service solution.

iVend Retail offers a fully integrated Retail Solution with POS, Mobile POS, ECommerce and Loyalty.


iVend Retail suite is one of the world’s leading applications for providing a true omnichannel experience meaning that:

It enables retailers to maximize sales, gross margin and profits by achieving every possible sale using inventory anywhere in the retailer’s network, even when it is a long way from the customer, maximizing customer satisfaction at the same time

It supports every possible customer path through the retailer’s “system” with totally consistent approaches to promotions, customer returns and exchanges, earning and redemption of loyalty rewards, use of gift cards and digital passes (electronic coupons), iVend Retail and iVend POS ensure the most uniform consumer experience, irrespective of how he or she chooses to shop


  • Maximum inventory productivity irrespective of where the inventory is
  • Handles the most complex omnichannel sales and customer service transactions
  • Has detailed “save the sale” and up-sell or cross-sell functionality
  • Integrates to iVend Digital Passes for an enhanced customer experience
  • Enables a common system across multiple countries, tax regimes, fiscal rules, languages and currencies, reducing costs for retailers
  • Secure payments through regional and country specific integrated payment systems
  • Advanced loss prevention KPIs
  • Enables a very wide range of promotion types and common promotions across all channels, supporting a consistent brand experience
  • Fully resilient – on an “always connected” Internet

Enterprise Benefits

  • iVend Retail allows retailers to really maximize their sales potential, because their customers can buy the product in so many different ways,  even  though  the  inventory they are buying may be in a different store or a warehouse
  • For larger retailers iVend Enterprise integrates easily with your ERP or merchandise management system which, with the rest of iVend Retail, makes a fully comprehensive omnichannel solution
  • For smaller retailers iVend Enterprise and the other modules in iVend Retail provides a complete business solution when coupled with an accounting package

What Does iVend Enterprise Do?

  • Manages the operation of all the iVend Retail modules
  • Collates and manages data on all the business transactions, g. sales, refunds, returns, store credits, goods receipts, stock counts, etc
  • Communicates with the iVend Store, the application used by the store back office staff to carry out their day-to-day business functions like receiving of goods
  • Enables a single view of inventory and customers across the business including the subsidiary companies
  • Provides a range of inventory management functionality, most notably forecasting for continuity items and replenishment
  • Enables a common and consistent customer experience across all channels the customer uses
  • Gives extensive management insight into all aspects of the business
  • Includes tools and capabilities to easily integrate the solution with other applications and make customisation easier where needed
  • Supports multiple deployment options on-premises or on the cloud
Transaction Capabilities
  • Fast checkout – 1 to 3 clicks to make a sale
  • Keyboard operation or full function touch screen
  • Multiple transaction types in a single transaction
  • Multi-currency transactions including cash back in foreign currency
  • Multi-language operation
  • Matrix view of item attributes for easy product selection from complex assortments
  • Support for Signature capture devices
  • Sophisticated promotions capability using combinations of price reductions, free goods, bonus buys or multi-deals
  • Display customer balance and available credit
  • Override prices, discounts and taxes if authorized
  • Use reason codes in all relevant transactions
  • Display product images
  • Build or break down kits in sales transactions
  • Process customer returns and exchanges
  • Suspend and recall transactions (also between Mobile POS and Fixed POS)
  • Age verification and hazardous product warnings
  • Add specific transaction comments which can be printed on the receipt
  • Automatically lock POS when idle more than a set time
  • Layaway (lay-by) booking and fulfilment
  • Print gift receipts
  • Redeem digital passes
  • Serial and batch number tracking
iVend Retail
iVend Retail
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IVend Retail
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