Hosted Cloud Servers

What Is Microsoft Windows Azure

Compudynamics Cloud Servers offerings by Compudynamics covers all business sizes. Hosted Hyper-V is a key addition to Microsoft’s Azure product offerings and provides complete end-to-end functionality for enterprise-grade virtualization. Hosted Hyper-V is a server virtualization product developed by Microsoft Corporation, which provides virtualization services through hypervisor or virtual machine.

Hyper-V Management Console – Allows for provisioning/management of new virtual machines. Customers can use their own System Centre license to manage their Hyper-V environment seamlessly.

Hosted Hyper-V with Azure services has not been available locally until now.

Why Use a Local Partner

Using a local hosting partner does have some key benefits over hosting your data in a foreign country:

  • International Law – Microsoft services are hosted abroad and are subject to the US Patriot Act and other European statutes. Using a service hosted in South Africa ensures that foreign governments and courts will never have jurisdiction over your data.
  • Costs – Monthly fees are billed in South African Rand and remain fixed and predictable.
  • Potential Speed and Latency Issues – International hosting is based in Ireland and thus customers will use international bandwidth to access the service. Local Hosting ensures a lower cost while delivering higher performance.
  • Migration Assistance – The Partner Hosted service includes optional migration services that will help you to simply and effortlessly transition to the cloud.
Hosted Hyper-V Differentiators
Dual Data Centres Only hosted exchange provider in South Africa to have 2 independent data centres.
SLA Financially Backed SLA with penalties for non-performance.
Bolt On Services Easy bolt on services such as backup, managed services and disaster recovery services (Managed Replica).

Features and Benefits

  • Consolidation of hardware resources– Multiple physical servers can be easily consolidated into comparatively fewer servers which can be managed or unmanaged by GMS.


  • Ease of deployment – Consolidation of existing servers into fewer physical servers simplifies deployment and thus testing and development allows for a wide variety of scenarios in a safe, self-contained environment with no down time.

Package Overview

A1 ·        1 Virtual Core with 1.75GB RAM

·        100GB Disk Space with 5GB Internet Facing Bandwidth

A2 ·       2 Virtual Core with 3.5GB RAM

·       135GB Disk Space with 5GB Internet Facing Bandwidth

A3 ·        4 Virtual Core with 7GB RAM

·        285GB Disk Space with 10GB Internet Facing Bandwidth

A4 ·        8 Virtual Core with 14GB RAM

·        605GB Disk Space with 15GB Internet Facing Bandwidth

A5 ·        2 Virtual Core with 14GB RAM

·        135GB Disk Space with 5GB Internet Facing Bandwidth

A6 ·        4 Virtual Core with 28GB RAM

·        285GB Disk Space with 15GB Internet Facing Bandwidth

A7 ·        8 Virtual Core with 56GB RAM

·        605GB Disk Space with 20GB Internet Facing Bandwidth

A9 ·        16 Virtual Core with 112GB RAM

·        382GB Disk Space with 20GB Internet Facing Bandwidth