cloud storage and file-sharingCloud storage and file-sharing

Cloud storage solution hosted in South Africa
SyncVault Overview

Organisations must take many factors into account when considering a cloud storage and file-sharing service. For most companies, security remains a primary concern. Another important consideration is whether the service can be integrated with current infrastructure and be managed effectively. Users must also have a tool that lets them store, sync, share and collaborate on their files easily.

SyncVault is a Gartner recognized enterprise cloud storage and collaboration service in addition to supporting encryption for both file transfers and stored files. SyncVault is a full featured cloud storage solution built from the ground up with business users in mind; SyncVault’s innovative all-in-one storage appliance provides local backup, file sharing, cloud replication and mobile access, all in a single tightly integrated product, delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional disparate file storage solutions.

The solution runs on Windows and Mac desktops, including iOS and Android devices, and doesn’t require a cloud connection to start, providing a robust storage solution that is cloud-ready.

cloud storage and file-sharing





Highly efficient and secure

With SyncVault, all data that is sent to the cloud is optimized for delivery with automated, scheduled backup at specific times or intervals. Backups are incremental and de-duplicated. All data is encrypted with 256 Bit encryption in the cloud and at rest.

100% Encryption- SyncVault enables users to generate their encription keys at the source and be the exclusive key owner.

Work from anywhere

SyncVault gives you bi-directionally synchronized folders to the cloud, making files readily accessible for your employees to share files securely from anywhere on any device weather it be your mobile, tablet or PC.

Easy file sharing for teams

Empower users to collaborate with team features that include project-based sharing with role-based access controls, read/write privileges, time-limited sharing, with no IT staff involvement. Ad-hoc sharing of files with external users, using time-limited unique URLs is also available.

The Outlook Plugin replaces standard e-mail attachments with public links. Recipients can use the link to view or download the files.

More than just File Sync & Share

SyncVault will authenticate users, govern file access and protect your data in-case of device theft with the power of a “Remote Wipe”. Your data is secured on your public or virtual private cloud. You are the exclusive owner of your file encryption keys through a unique pass-phrase.

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