Cloud Backup for Desktop and Servers

Compudynamics South Africa offers cloud backup for desktop and servers. Your most important business asset is… data! RecoveryVault Express is powered by Acronis, is an easy-to-manage, complete and safe hybrid backup and recovery solution to solve your data protection problems.

RecoveryVault Express is a managed Cloud Backup solution that is aimed at Small and Medium Businesses who need to back up their data, databases and documents from their desktops, laptops and (database) servers to the cloud.

RecoveryVault Express backs up file servers (e.g. Linux, MS Windows SBS or MS Windows Server) as is also capable of performing hot backups of databases. In addition, most small offices use network attached storage (NAS) systems. This is a convenient solution for the availability of the data in the company, but not really safe. RecoveryVault Express makes backups of these NAS servers and ensures that all data is protected against any kind of loss.

RecoveryVault Express offers SMEs the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their data is safely stored at all times. This automatic online backup offering and recovery of business data to disk, offers all the functionality that is needed for reliable backups and reliable recovery in the event of a system failure or calamity.

Cloud backup for desktop and servers :  Encryption

All the backup data is encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256 bit encryption technology. Once encrypted, the backup data is transferred to the Backup Server. The encryption key is only known by the end-user, so nobody but the end-user can open the backup data on the Backup Server. The encryption algorithm used to encrypt the backup data is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128 or 256 bit. This standard, also known as Rijndael, is a block cipher that has been adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to be the selected encryption standard. It is the used encryption standard of the US government since 2000. It is subjected to frequent public reviews but no known cracks of this encryption algorithm have been reported.

Cloud backup for desktop and servers : Overview

Acronis Workstation Backup There are two options for a workstation backup:

1 PC + 50GB device backup

1 PC + 100GB device backup

Acronis Server Backup Sold in increments of 100GB of server storage


Features and Benefits

  • Keep IT overheads down – taking pressure off the customers’ IT department, and saving money on outsourced technicians as well as reduce the reliance on manual backups.


  • WebAccess – There is a portal for end-users that enables them to access their stored data. Once backed up, a file can be accessed from anywhere in the world – via a web browser.


  • Backup open files – RecoveryVault Express is capable of backing up open files. Leveraging Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) technology, you do not have to shut down any applications during the backup process.


  • Hot backups – File, database or email servers are continuously operational. Therefore, RecoveryVault Express can back up these servers without interrupting business operations; even during the backup window.


  • Automatic failover – Eliminating all points of failure requires Recovery Vault Express software to automatically failover in case a node collapses. All key elements are set up that it can failover to a secondary location and in addition can switch back to the primary locations once it is available again.


  • Lightweight performance – RecoveryVault Express uses incremental backup features of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL server. This makes RecoveryVault Express one of the fastest solution in the market and uses all available bandwidth all the time or to be throttled to keep it under control.


RecoveryVault Express Differentiators

SLA Data is available with an industry-leading, financially backed uptime guarantee
Suitable for Most OS Supports all popular operating systems (Windows, MAC, MS Exchange Servers, MS SQL Servers, MySQL databases)
Self-Provisioning Customers are able to self-provision accounts through the control panel as per the bundle purchased
Seed Loading A proven method to save much time and bandwidth with initial backups